Vaping Liquid Hookahzz 250mg
Hookahzz Cart 250mg

Hookahzz Cart 250mg


Hookahzz | eLiquid | Gold Cartridge | 4 Awesome Flavors | 250mg

Enjoy a summery punch of watermelon and honeydew with our Melon Madnezz, a sweet and sassy blend of fruit with our Pink Diva, a smooth and sunny treat with our Pineapple Express and the rich and creamy taste of Custard. Hemp Hookahzz Rocks!


Product Description

CBD Concentration250mg/ml
Full-SpectrumCannabinoids, Terpenes
Process*Decarboxylated & Filtered
Ease of UseVape
Cutting Agents*VG

Hookahzz | CBD Vaping Liquid Prefilled Cartridge | 4 Awesome Flavors | 250mg/1m

Our CBD oils not only provide the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol, but with no additives, it is as natural as it gets! Enjoy the experience of hemp CBD oil with our prefilled cartridges. Each 1ml cartridge contains 250mg CBD hemp Vaping Liquid!
This is an amazing value and the high potency CO2 Pure Gold Hemp Oil! Hookahzz is a premium manufacturer of CBD vaping products and regarded as one of the top brands in the world.

Although Vaping and CBD Vaping Liquid use is on the rise, not all eLiquids are equal. Most eLiquids on the market today come from overseas, under unregulated standards, and shipped over long distances. Hookahzz eLiquids produced here in the USA, under rigorous safety standards use only all-natural ingredients. No propylene glycol!

Amazing Flavors

Minty fresh taste of our Fresh Mintzz delight
Summery punch of watermelon and honeydew with our Melon Madnezz
A smooth and sunny treat with our Pineapple Express
Unflavored for that Mother Earth experience

One 1ml cartridge prefilled with 250mg hemp CBD Vaping Liquid.
We use Non-GMO cannabis to produce our CBD oil. No pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers are ever used. Our CBD eLiquids are food grade vegetable glycerin based and include GABA. We manufacture in the USA and lab test each product to ensure the highest purity and satisfaction.

Ingredients: CBD Gold Hemp Oil, VG, GABA, Natural & Artificial Flavoring.

Attach the atomizer to a 510 E-Cig or EVOD to use it

Once the cartridge has been completely used, any flavor Hemp Hookahzz eLiquid can refill it. Pull straight out to remove the mouthpiece, and then remove the small rubber plug to open the cartridge. Put the tip of your chosen refill eLiquid bottle into the cartridge and invert until the cartridge looks filled. Replace the small rubber plug to seal the cartridge. Push the mouthpiece back on until you hear it click into place. The cartridge is now ready to use!

Medical condition testimonials and reports.

FAQ’s for Process and Cutting Agents.

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Fresh Mintzz, Melon Madnezz, Pineapple Express, Unflavored


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