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JuJu Royal eLiquid

JuJu Royal eLiquid


eLiquid | Caribbean Life Style | 300mg; 500mg; 800mg; 30ml

The Julian Marley JuJu Royal brand was created for and inspired by Julian Marley; the son of the World Renowned Bob Marley. The JuJu Royal line of highly concentrated CBD Vape Juice was formulated to promote overall health and wellness.


Product Description

CBD Concentration10mg/ml-17mg/ml-27mg/ml
Full-SpectrumCannabinoids, Terpenes
Process*Decarboxylated & Filtered
Ease of UseVape
Cutting Agents*PG

JuJu Royal | Vaping eLiquid | Vape Royalty | 27mg/ml

Vape Royalty defines JuJu Royal’s newest and most advanced CBD formula called Vaping eLiquid. In addition, Vaping eLiquid is a premium product designed for effectiveness, convenience, and ease of use. High quality, full spectrum cannabidiol, and terpene-rich. Many people search to find the secret to choosing the best solution when looking for information about hemp products. Premium brand JuJu Royal’s amazing product Vaping eLiquid is one of the best products in the market. Vape Royalty relates to the Vaping eLiquid product because it helps define its attributes. Vaping eLiquid is a premier product boasting 27mg/ml CBD potency. Furthermore, JuJu Royal offers luscious fruity and/or wholesome natural flavors. Reggae Splash, JUJU Fruit, Kingston Cream

CBD Benefits | Vape Royalty

We often hear people talking about Vape Royalty. In addition, initial clinical research supports the findings of individuals who use Hemp CBD products. Cannabidiol (CBD) doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. It may have profound healing effects and medical benefits. CBD may be a powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-tumor cannabinoid. Also, it appears to be a potent pain reliever that doesn’t just mask the pain, it helps relieve the chronic inflammation that prevents the body from healing. *

Furthermore, having no psychoactive effects makes Hemp CBD a perfect option for many medical users and children. Using a Hemp CBD Oil allows users to get an exact dose making it like other liposomal health supplements. In addition, for a relaxing day treat yourself to a luscious tasting CBD Hemp Oil Vape eLiquid. Furthermore, it’s helping end the stigma attached to medical marijuana by giving people a more clinical experience, without the laundry list of side effects.

Vape Royalty Proof

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eLiquid | by Julian Marley | Caribbean Life Style | 300mg; 500mg; 800mg; 30ml

The JuJu Royal line of highly concentrated CBD Vape Juice was formulated to promote overall health and wellness with flavors to represent the Caribbean palate.

JuJu Royal offers the vape juice in three amazing flavors:

  • Reggae Splash – a Sour Apple with Mango and Passion fruit to give you the feeling of sipping on a tropical drink on the beach.
  • JUJU Fruit – a tasty Guava Pineapple treat with Strawberry under tones to help send you taste buds to a paradise on Earth
  • Kingston Cream – a refreshing Banana cream with tones of Strawberry and Blueberries for a nice smoothie taste.

Each flavor is available in a 300mg, 500mg and 800mg concentrate sizes.

The Julian Marley JuJu Royal brand was created for and inspired by Julian Marley. Julian is a Reggae Musician and the son of the World Renowned Bob Marley. Julian Marley is an authentic representation of the JuJu Royal brand and the cannabis culture. As a popular reggae artist and proponent of the Rastafarian culture, it is natural for him to advocate for the ongoing legalization of cannabis. JuJu Royal has created a full line of premium flower, extracts, edibles, CBD infused products, vaping devices, and promotional merchandise.

Medical condition testimonials and reports.

* FAQ’s for Process and Cutting Agents.

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300mg, 500mg, 800mg


Reggae Splash, JuJu Fruit, Kingston Cream


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