Pure CBD Isolate Gourmet eJuice Kits

Pure CBD Isolate Gourmet eJuice Kits

Elite eJuices combined with SAUC CBD Vape Additive! Choose your favorite eJuice and we send both products.

Pure CBD Isolate: For people who appreciate the finest eJuices found anywhere in the world, but also want to enhance their Healthy Life Style with a daily dose of Pure CBD.

When CBD is in isolate form, it is separated from other cannabis compounds in the source plant. Manufacturing a product like SAUC CBD is a precise process that when done correctly produces a clear liquid with no flavor of its own. SAUC CBD 125mg-500mg (8mg/ml-33mg/ml) is a higher concentration of CBD than the Tru Blu full spectrum additive (10mg-20mg/ml), so you can get your daily dose of CBD while enjoying the original unaltered flavor of these award-winning eJuices.

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