7 Leaves Remedy Cream

7 Leaves Remedy Cream


7 LEAVES Remedy Cream, one of Releaf Cosmetics pain relieving creams and gels was born when our founder was in search of a solution to treat his wife’s pain and discomfort from osteoarthritis and beginning stages of rheumatism. The driving force behind creating this product was intended to soothe the discomfort from his wife’s pain associated with osteoarthritis.

The pain was so severe the doctors only wanted to prescribe heavy pain medications with strong side effects. In addition to these prescription medications; we are all aware of the many risks associated with taking these prescription drugs. Not to mention the short and long term side effects; and who wants those? After being told by many doctor’s time and time again that her only options were surgery, medication, followed by more surgery and more medication they thought all hope was lost. Knowing the many medical marijuana benefits we created 7 LEAVES Remedy Cream and it changed everything.

#1 Topical for People Looking to Increase their Quality of Life

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