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Medical Research gathered from many sources explaining research that has been done using CBD.

THC & CBD Cures Cancer in Terminal Patients Who Had Lost All Hope

AWE TV | Mandatory Viewing for Cancer Patients | THC & CBD Cures Cancer Testimonials Information Presented by These Shows Could Save Your Life   AWE TV is a new station that has three programs about Marijuana THC, CBD, and other Cannabinoids CBG, CBC, & CBN. Hemp CBD, and other Cannabinoids CBG, CBC, & CBN…
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What is CBD (Cannabidiol) And What Does It Do?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is truly one of the most remarkable compounds in the natural world By Adam Drury HERE’S WHAT CBD CAN REALLY DO—AND THE RESEARCH BACKING IT UP There’s no better way to gain an appreciation of just what cannabidiol can do than taking a look at the exciting research behind it. This overview lists…
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Legal Marijuana States Have Lower Opioid Use, New Studies Show

By Tom Angell, Contributor Opioid Use: Letting people legally access marijuana appears to reduce reliance on addictive opioids, two new studies published by the American Medical Association find. "Medical cannabis laws are associated with significant reductions in opioid prescribing in the Medicare Part D population," concludes one paper from researchers at the University of Georgia,…
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CBD May Help Treat Addiction

New Study Confirms CBD Blocks Opioid Reward, May Help Treat Addiction By Steve Elliott on Aug 20, 2017 CBD & OPIOID ADDICTION We now have scientific evidence that cannabidiol (CBD) could be an effective replacement for opioids addiction, as well as useful in treating pain. CBD blocks the reward of opioids, and may be used…
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Cannabidiol, Stroke and Cardiac Emergencies

Cannabidiol may soon be used in the emergency room to fight effects of stroke and cardiac emergencies Tuesday, February 21, 2017 by: Lance D Johnson How a stroke can occur. During a cardiac emergency, the sudden stoppage of blood flow puts severe stress on the rest of the body. During a cardiac arrest, valuable oxygen…
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New Research: Cannabinoids Kill Cancer

Cannabinoids Kill Cancer New Research Results Announced by Muenker D.C. 07/17/2017 Researchers at St George’s, University of London, have discovered that the main ingredients found in marijuana (phytocannabinoids) – kill cancer cells. Published in the prestigious International Journal of Oncology, the team – led by Senior Research Fellow Dr. Wai Liu, investigated the role cannabinoids…
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