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Information about what CBD is, how it’s processed, and how it works.

THC & CBD Cures Cancer in Terminal Patients Who Had Lost All Hope

AWE TV | Mandatory Viewing for Cancer Patients | THC & CBD Cures Cancer Testimonials Information Presented by These Shows Could Save Your Life   AWE TV is a new station that has three programs about Marijuana THC, CBD, and other Cannabinoids CBG, CBC, & CBN. Hemp CBD, and other Cannabinoids CBG, CBC, & CBN…
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What is CBD (Cannabidiol) And What Does It Do?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is truly one of the most remarkable compounds in the natural world By Adam Drury HERE’S WHAT CBD CAN REALLY DO—AND THE RESEARCH BACKING IT UP There’s no better way to gain an appreciation of just what cannabidiol can do than taking a look at the exciting research behind it. This overview lists…
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CBD User’s Manual

Awesome Guide By ProjectCBD On March 13, 2018 ProjectCBD has created a beginner’s guide for cannabidiol & cannabis therapeutics to address key questions of CBD users. In 2009, a handful of CBD-rich cannabis strains were discovered serendipitously in Northern California, America’s cannabis breadbasket, where certified patients could access medical marijuana legally. Thus, began a great…
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How the Most Advanced CBD Nutraceutical Products are Made

Receptra Naturals BEST OVERALL BECAUSE THEY USE THE HEMP PLANT FLOWER, ETHANOL PROCESSING, AND THEY ADD TURMERIC AND ARNICA OIL TO ENHANCE YOUR RESULTS We are extremely proud to announce a partnership with Receptra Naturals, who we believe produce the most effective CBD products on the planet: • Raw Material: Hemp Plant Flower Tops with…
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CBD Has Health Benefits

World Health Group: Pot's CBD Has Health Benefits By Kathleen Doheny Dec. 15, 2017 -- CBD Has Health Benefits: A compound found in the cannabis plant is not harmful, has health benefits, and does not have abuse potential, experts at the World Health Organization say. The WHO's Expert Committee on Drug Dependence focused on cannabidiol,…
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Understanding the Most Important Cannabinoid & Terpene Medical Benefits

A. CANNABINOIDS Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant that interact with receptors in the brain and body to create various effects. There exist dozens, and potentially more than 100, cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, but THC is most widely known among these due to its abundance and psychoactive attributes. Because humans (and…
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