THE AMERICAN WORKER IN CRISIS: 83% Experience Stress & Anxiety


When we come across studies or research with information that we think might help our subscribers, we will bring the knowledge to you. We found this alarming because it exposes how much stress and anxiety has been and will continue to be caused by the Pandemic and Racial Justice issues in the workplace. We offer many products that are formulated to target stress and anxiety and we list them at the end of this newsletter.


Groundbreaking advancements have dominated the cannabinoid market over the past decade with some of the industry’s largest brands seeing double-or triple-digit year-over-year growth.

Although constant growth has been the theme of this past decade, constant change now defines it. And there’s plenty of that ahead in 2021. From exciting newcomers to established powerhouses, OBX sees more and more brands taking a valiant, intelligent approach to product development. Here are the most watch-worthy trends for cannabinoid products this year.


Exploding anxiety rates and associated mental health issues will provide hemp and cannabinoid brands with new opportunities to promote the efficacy of cannabinoids. We already are seeing increased focus on this niche, need-state market, and catch-all CBD product development and messaging (“CBD is good for everything and everyone”) will be replaced with more targeted product innovation and marketing campaigns.

More than 25% of new market entrants purchased cannabinoids to cope with pandemic-related stress and anxiety, according to High Yield Insights.

With more than 83% of U.S. employees reporting mental health issues, and a whopping 67% of U.S. employers projecting a mental-health crisis within the next two years, we project heightened partnership and growth opportunities in cannabinoid products focused on stress, anxiety, and sleep. (Brown, 2021).


The American Worker in Crisis: Study Finds 83% of U.S. Employees Are Experiencing Mental Health Issues

Analysis by Lyra Health and the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions also reveals that 40% of workers don’t feel employers support their mental health.

BURLINGAME, Calif. & WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE) –Lyra Health, a leading provider of innovative mental health benefits for employers, and the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions (National Alliance), today announced findings from a study of more than 1,200 U.S.-based employees who receive health insurance through their employer. The June study, “The American Worker in Crisis,” set out to determine exactly how both the coronavirus pandemic and the nationwide racial justice movement have affected the American workforce’s mental well-being.

According to the data, 83 percent of American workers are experiencing mental health problems and are almost equally impacted by both the pandemic and the racial justice movement. Meanwhile, 40 percent don’t believe their employer cares about their mental health, beyond just being productive at their job. The research also found that amid all of the uncertainty and work disruption, employees who don’t believe their employer supports their mental health are almost twice as likely to be considering a career change.

Worry and fear are also pervasive among U.S. workers, with two-thirds stating that they are insecure about their or their family’s future. More so, the study found that 43 percent feel sad, 36 percent feel angry, and 30 percent are experiencing significant levels of anxiety and stress that interfere with their work. (Lyra, 2020).


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