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Hemp Oil Factory offers a wide variety of e-juices for smokers who have recognized the benefits of vaping. The vaporizer products we sell are specifically used for these substances and we offer a selection of the top selling vape pens for their use and your enjoyment.

What is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device used to release the active ingredients of a substance or to release the therapeutic compounds of a substance. A healthier alternative to smoking, vaporizers heat the material at a much lower temperature (when compared to smoking) so that the active compounds contained in the material produce an aromatic vapor (instead of smoke). Rather than burning the material, which can produce numerous harmful by-products, this vapor contains virtually zero particulate matter and significantly reduced noxious gases. By avoiding combustion (smoke), the user is able to achieve the same desired effects without the harmful side-effects of smoking.

Materials Being Vaped

When it comes to vaporization there are a variety of substances that can be used, including dry herb, concentrates and e-juices. The material being vaporized will affect which vaporizer one will want to use, as not all vapes work with every substance. It is easier to decide on a vape when one knows what they plan to vaporize most frequently.

 Dry Herb

  • Dried & cured plant material
  • Beneficial properties released when vaporized

Waxy Concentrates

  • Extracted from dry herb
  • Extraction methods include CO2, butane, or high-proof alcohol

E-juice / E-liquid

  • Liquid used in electronic cigarettes
  • Concentrated flavoring that may include nicotine

While most vaporizers are designed to be specifically compatible with one material, multi-compatible units are becoming more common. These units generally have separate heating chambers for each style of material that will be vaporized. These multi-compatible vaporizers are more commonly found in the pen style version and not the larger portable or desktop vapes.

E-Pens & Portables

E-liquid & e-juice vaporizers allow the user to enjoy their favorite e-juice/e-liquid discreetly and effectively. All of these units are extremely portable and compact, and are ideal for vaping on-the-go. Most vape pens for e-juice utilize a lithium-ion battery as their power source, as well as a tank (clearomizer), which holds the e-liquid. Contained within the tank is the heat source, known as the atomizer. E-juice atomizers typically utilize wicks. These wicks absorb the liquid in the tank, which is then heated by the press of a button. These units are user-friendly and very simple to operate.

Vaporizer pens, or “pen vapes,” are becoming more and more popular everyday, as they offer those looking to quit smoking a safe and effective alternative. These units are being used by more people everyday, due to their efficiency and ease of use. E-juice vaporizers can be used just about anywhere, and won’t leave a discernible aroma or offensive smell - like a cigarette. Instead of smoke, these pens only produce pure vapor, making them perfect for vaping in public.

These units use e-juice/e-liquid, which is typically flavored and contains varying levels of nicotine. Many people use vape pens as a means to kick their cigarette habit. As e-juice is available with different amounts of nicotine, users can wean themselves off gradually, making these units a fantastic option for those wanting a healthier way to get their nicotine fix. While all e-juice vaporizers function similarly, things like size, atomizer type, battery life and overall build quality tend to vary from unit to unit. However, one thing you can expect from all vape pens is a discreet and effective vaporization experience.

Unlike pen-style units, portable vaporizers do not require the power button to be pressed in order to activate the heating element. Instead, portables heat to a desired temperature which stays constant for the duration of the session, much like an oven. Additionally, most portables (unlike pens) give you the option to select from multiple different heat settings (typically between 350° and 420°F [175-215°C]). This gives the user more control over vapor consistency and potency. For example, heating herbs at a lower temperature will produce lighter, smoother vapor. Alternatively, heating herbs at a higher temperature will produce larger, more robust clouds.


Boasting the same type of high-powered performance one would expect from a electric eNail, the term "eRig" describes battery powered, portable units that feature a titanium nail in which wax is placed. Able to reach temperatures upwards of 700°F, concentrates melt on contact, which are then inhaled through an included water attachment, allowing you to moisturize and cool your hits. eRig's are an awesome alternative to traditional means of wax consumption, and are certain to become more common as time progresses.


Mods represent the new generation of e-cigarette technology. More powerful than a standard e-juice vape pen, mods are becoming increasingly popular among vape enthusiasts due to their customizable nature, versatility and ability produce massive vapor clouds. A mod, either mechanical or electronic, consists of two main parts (typically sold separately): a battery and a tank (clearomizer). The specifications and capabilities of batteries and clearomizer can vary greatly depending on what type of vaporizing experience is desired. With so many options and builds to choose from, mods offer a “DIY” type of satisfaction for users who require more power than typical e-juice vaporizers can provide.

As previously mentioned, mods come in two distinct varieties: mechanical or electronic. Mechanical mods (sometimes referred to as mech mods), lack any sort of electronics and draw a constant amount of power through a lithium-ion battery within the body of device. Mech mods are unregulated, meaning their are no restrictions on its power output. While electronic mods will give you exact power specifications, mechanical mods are a bit trickier, as their voltage tends to change over time. Mech mods also lack any type of safeguards, such as short or overload protection, a feature most electronic mods come equipped with.

Electronic mods are more advanced, and feature internal electronics which allow for variable power adjustment of Ohms, Wattage and Voltage. In addition to giving the user more control over their vaporizing experiencing, these units typically have LED display screens, as well as a multitude of advanced safety features. The voltage output of an electronic mod will dictate what type of atomizer will be compatible, depending on the resistance level. It’s important to note that mods are mostly for advanced users. Without having a good understanding of power specifications and proper usage, mods can be dangerous. Make sure to do some research before venturing into the world of mods.

Wax Pens

Wax pen vaporizers are the fastest and easiest way to enjoy botanical extracts and concentrates on the go. Small enough to fit in your pocket, wax pens allow you to discreetly medicate at a moment's notice while you're out and about.

Wax pen vaporizers are ideal for those looking to enjoy concentrates and waxy oils on-the-go. Compatible with your favorite waxes, thick oils or other concentrates (i.e. BHO, CO2, CBD), wax pens are known for their portability and reliability, and are perhaps the most popular means of concentrate consumption. Aside from being incredibly discreet, these pens work quickly and efficiently, vaporizing waxy material in seconds. Able to reach their optimal temperature in just seconds, there’s no waiting around for these units to warm up – concentrates are heated by the press of a button!

Most of these units utilize an atomizer as the heating source, which typically heats up within just a few seconds and allow the user to place their material directly onto the coil. If you're looking for a portable unit that will provide discreet vaporization, wax pen vaporizers are an excellent choice because of their small size and instant heat-up time. Once loaded, the concentrate is instantly heated by pressing the power button as you inhale. This method of heating is known as convection, since the concentrate is coming into direct contact with the heating coil.

While all wax pens function similarly, things like size, atomizer type and battery life/quality vary from unit to unit. Many wax pens offer a variety of atomizers for use with different types of concentrates. Depending on the consistency of the waxy material determines what type of atomizer will work best. For solid wax, wickless tend to work best. When vaping waxy oils, wicked atomizers are ideal. Most wax pen vaporizers utilize a single coil atomizer, however, double coil atomizers can also be used, which will provide stronger hits.

Herb Pens

Herb vaporizer pens are a highly portable and efficient of means of dry herb consumption. Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, these vaporizer pens are highly discreet and effective. Able to heat dry herbs in seconds by just the press of a button, it’s no wonder why herb pens have become so popular. The combination of being extremely portable and easy to use make these vapes the ideal companion for on-the-go sessions. Once loaded into the heating chamber, your finely ground herb is instantly heated by pressing the power button as you inhale. This method of heating is known as convection, since the dry material comes into direct contact with the heating coil.

These vaporizer pens are ideal for those looking to enjoy their herbs on-the-go. Most popular for their portability and reliability, herb pens are also super-discreet and able to be used just about anywhere. As these pen vapes are able to reach their optimal temperature in just a few seconds, you won’t be standing around waiting for your pen to heat up - just press the button and inhale! While all herb pens function similarly, things like size, atomizer type, battery life and overall quality tend to vary from unit to unit.

Most of these units utilize an atomizer has the heating source, which typically heats up within a few short seconds. Dry herb is normally packed into a heating chamber which contains a heating coil. One activated, the herb is instantly heated and releases its active ingredients as you inhale. While herb pens don’t offer a true means of vaporization (since they utilize convection heating, not conduction), they're a great option for those looking for a quick and easy way to enjoy dry herbs on-the-go. However, if you’re in search of a unit that offers true conduction heating and zero combustion

Health Benefits of a Vaporizer vs Smoking Cigarettes!

Why use a vaporizer instead of smoking your blends? Smoking isn't ideal because it requires combustion, which not only damages the lungs, but also wastes the active ingredients in your blends; vaporizing tastes better, saves you money and it's better for you! The respiratory hazards of smoke are due to toxic by-products of combustion, not the active ingredients in the herb. Combustion is the process of igniting and burning plant material, creating smoke which can lead to lung cancer and many other respiratory disorders. Holding in smoke after inhaling absorbs even more tar and noxious chemicals into the lungs.

By contrast, vaporizing is the process of heating plant material to 380-410° F, just below the point of combustion. This process extracts the full-flavor active compounds and purity of the plant material. Vaporizing emits a vapor that is 95% smoke and carcinogen-free. With vaporization, you only need to take small, shallow puffs to get noticeable therapeutic effects. Not only is vaporizing healthier for you, but it's better for your wallet. In addition to the health concerns, smoking also burns your ingredients faster. By vaporizing, you only need to use a fraction of the material you normally would in order to get significant results.

Over the years, numerous studies have proved that vaporizers have numerous health benefits and are a much healthier alternative to smoking. The reason for this is that they heat the blends at a much lower temperature, instead of burning them. While vaporizers are highly beneficial to people who have been prescribed for medical purposes, they are also beneficial for all smokers. Many scientific studies have examined vaporizers and the results all state that the release of harmful constituents is dramatically reduced or completely eliminated when they are used.

If you want to save money and improve your health, stop smoking and start vaporizing today!

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