Water Soluble

Water Soluble

Nano technologies used to manufacture hemp CBD products refers to the miniaturization of the Hemp Oil cells so they can pass through the mucus membranes in your mouth and under your tongue. Nano particles (1/100 the width of a human hair) are easier for your body to absorb and transport to where they are needed within your body. These super tiny particles at 1/2 the potency of a normal hemp oil, are 5.5 times more effective because more of the CBD gets into your system. In other words, one-half as much nano technology hemp oil produces 5.5 times the results.

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  • Hemp CBD BiologixQuick view

    CBD Biologix 2500mg


    CBD Biologix | Super CBD | Terpene Entourage Effect | 2500mg Equivalent*

    Award Winning CBD Biologix patented “Super CBD” water-soluble oral liquid with 2500mg equivalent* of micronized hydrosomes CBD/Terpene complex, 1-5 minute absorption rate, correct dose sweet flavor indicator; with all-organic superfoods.
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  • Hemplucid Water SolubleQuick view

    Hemplucid Water Soluble


    Hemplucid Water Soluble | Nanotech Molecules | Whole-Plant CBD | 50mg/ml

    Hemplucid Water Soluble Whole-Plant CBD is formulated using our ultra-purified, de-waxed Whole-Plant™ CBD concentrate. We bond our CBD oil to organic vegetable glycerin creating a sweet, sugar free, rapidly bio-available CBD product.
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  • BioCBD+ Bioactive NutrientsQuick view

    Total Body Care


    BioCBD Plus | Total Body Care | 10mg each; 30 capsules

    Total Body Care is for anyone who is looking to get back to health, or for anyone who is looking to protect their and the health of their loved ones. Featuring: proprietary Nano Engineering™ manufacturing process, Turmeric, & Magnesium.
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