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Vape Cartridges

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  • Alternate Vaping ShotQuick view

    Alternate Vape Shot


    Alternate Vape Shot | ZERO THC | 3 Incredible Flavors | 250mg/ml

    Alternate Vape has been our most popular wholesale CBD vape oil product for years, and we’re excited to introduce our new Alternate Vape Shot in luscious Citrus, Mint and Kush flavors. Packed with an amazing 250mg in a 1ml pre-filled cartridge with MCT base.
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  • BioCBD Vape CartridgeQuick view

    BioCBD Vape Cartridge


    BioCBD+ | Vape Cartridge | Full-Spectrum | 200mg/ml CBD

    Vape Cartridge & Battery Kit with EXTRA STRENGTH 200mg CBD and 300mg Proprietary Blend of Hemp Oil, MCT Oil & Essential Oils. Pure, hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) oil with NO THC, NO nicotine, NO chemical fillers and NO artificial flavoring.
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  • Hookahzz CBD Vape JuiceQuick view

    CBD Vape Juice...


    Hookahzz | CBD Vape Juice | Incredible High Potency 500mg/1ml

    Our CBD oils not only provide the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol, but with no additives, it is as natural as it gets! Enjoy the experience of our hemp CBD oil with our prefilled cartridges. Each 1ml cartridge contains 500mg hemp CBD.
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  • Good Vibes VapeQuick view

    Good Vibes Vape


    Good Vibes Vape | Pure CBD | Organic Terpene Flavors | 250mg/ml CBD

    Good Vibes Vape is 250mg of pure premium CBD in a high wattage ceramic, wickless coil cartridge with organic Terpenes for amazing flavors; Original, Durban Poison, Pineapple Express. Prepare yourself for a truly exceptional vape experience.
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  • Green Roads CBD VapeQuick view

    Green Roads CBD...


    Green Roads CBD Vape | Blueberry OG & Strawberry AK | 100mg/ml CBD

    Entourage Effect (Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil). Green Roads CBD Vape Oils are custom formulated using a Pharmaceutical Pure CBD Isolate Concentrate, full spectrum CBD Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and Kosher-Grade Vegetable Glycerin.
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  • Vaping Liquid Hookahzz 250mgQuick view

    Hookahzz Cart 250mg


    Hookahzz | eLiquid | Gold Cartridge | 4 Awesome Flavors | 250mg

    Enjoy a summery punch of watermelon and honeydew with our Melon Madnezz, a sweet and sassy blend of fruit with our Pink Diva, a smooth and sunny treat with our Pineapple Express and the rich and creamy taste of Custard. Hemp Hookahzz Rocks!
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  • Hookahzz eCig KitsQuick view

    Hookahzz eCig Kits


    CBD Rechargeable E-Cig Kit | Awesome Flavors | 40mg-100mg-250mg-500mg

    Convenient and easy, the Hemp Hookahzz CBD Oil Rechargeable E-Cig Kit is the perfect way to enjoy your CBD every day. Choose from our variety of flavors and colors to match your personal style (eCig battery, USB charger, 1ml prefilled e-liquid atomizer)!
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  • Hemp Vape Hookahzz PEQuick view

    Hookahzz Vape Cart


    Hookahzz | eLiquid | Cartridge | 6 Awesome Flavors | 40-100mg; 1ml

    Cartridges prefilled with Hemp Hookahzz Custard, Melon Madnezz, Pink Diva, Fresh Mintzz, Fresh Mintzz with nicotine, and Pineapple Express flavored CBD eLiquid. No propylene glycol is added! Amazing CBD oils plus they taste fantastic!
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  • Iris CBD VapeQuick view

    Iris CBD Vape...


    Iris CBD Vape Cartridge | Dragon Fruit & Pomegranate | 75mg/ml

    CBD Vape Cartridge Starter Kit 75mg Dragon Fruit and Pomegranate. This vape eJuice tastes great and the pomegranate is a healthy addition to your daily diet. Ingredients: Hemp-rich CBD, Non GMO, No propylene glycol (PG), No vegetable glycerin (VP).
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  • JuJu Royal CBD Oil VapeQuick view

    JuJu Royal Cartridge


    JuJu Royal | The Quartz Vape | CBD Hemp Oil | Zero THC | 250mg/ml

    Full spectrum grown and manufactured in Colorado. Extracted with Jamaican Cherries for a nice hint of cherry flavor.  Jamaican Cherries have been proven to help treat migraines, headaches as well as a great treatment for swelling and treating inflammation.
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  • Koi Naturals Cartridge with BatteryQuick view

    Koi Cartridge Battery


    Koi Naturals CBD Cartridge with Battery | Essential Oils and Terpenes | 250mg

    Koi Naturals Personal CBD Cartridge is 250mg and has no chemical fillers. It has the natural taste of hemp oil with a combination of organic essential oils and terpenes. It is safe, pure, and natural. A great way to enjoy the health benefits of CBD.
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  • Koi Fitt by EnviiQuick view

    Koi Fitt Envii


    Koi Fitt Starter Kit by Envii | Premium Vaping Experience | 50mg Koi Blue Pod

    Introducing the Koi CBD Fitt Starter Kit by Envii! Envii’s revolutionary closed system vaporizer is the only device on the market that has both a puff sensor as well as a fire button. Premium vaping experience with Koi CBD and the Fitt by Envii!
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  • Koi Fitt PodsQuick view

    Koi Fitt Pods


    Koi Fitt Pods | Use with Fitt by Envii Vaporizer | Raspberry Dragonfruit

    Koi Fitt Pods (2pack): Easy to use, plug n’ go CBD pods that work Exclusively with the Fitt By Envii and hold 3.2ml of liquid. Simply insert into you Fitt Vaporizer and you’re ready to enjoy your Koi CBD. It doesn't get easier then this to enjoy vaping.
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  • Koi Naturals CartridgeQuick view

    Koi Naturals Cartridge


    Koi Naturals CBD Cartridge | Essential Oils & Terpene | 250mg/ml

    Koi Naturals Personal CBD Cartridge is 250 mg and has no chemical fillers. Natural taste of hemp oil with a combination of organic essential oils and terpenes. With every inhale you’ll get a potent dose of CBD so you can experience the benefits immediately.
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  • Pharmaxtracts Vape CartridgeQuick view

    Pharmaxtracts Cartridge


    Vape Cartridges | CBD Crystalline | 17 Flavors | THC Free | 125mg CBD

    PharmaXtracts Vape Cartridges with CBD Crystalline bring the pinnacle of potency to the CBD world. Vaping CBD can provide the most immediate satisfaction for you to relax, recuperate, revitalize, and reflect; a different kind of feeling good.
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