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  • Purfurred CBD for CatsQuick view

    CBD for Cats


    CBD for Cats | Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil | 200mg/30ml

    The CBD for Cats tincture is a CBD oil formulated to suit your cat’s diet. This pet tincture contains 200mg CBD from full-spectrum hemp oil. Made with just two ingredients, this pet supplement is an all-natural CBD product for your feline friend.
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  • PurFurred CBD for DogsQuick view

    CBD for Dogs


    CBD for Dogs | Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil | 200mg/30ml

    The CBD for Dogs tincture provides the benefit of CBD oil in a formula suited to your dog’s diet. This tincture contains 200mg CBD from full-spectrum hemp oil, which includes essential phytocannabinoids and nutrients. Give your Dog the best supplement!
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  • What is CBD Oil Used ForQuick view

    Freeze-Dried Pet Treats


    Pharma Hemp CBD Chicken or Salmon Freeze-Dried Pet Treats

    Our ALL-NEW All Natural Freeze-Dried Chicken and Salmon Treats are PURRRFECT for both cats and dogs! Made with only fresh, whole, single-sourced USDA animal protein, these new treats. 50mg/1oz; 150mg/3oz  CBD per Bag.
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  • Pharma Dog Treats CBD ExtractQuick view

    Hemp CBD Dog...


    Pharma Hemp CBD | Hemp CBD Dog Treats | 4mg per treat

    Special treats formulated perfectly for your best friend! Your pup won't be able to resiste these delicious bacon-flavored biscuits, and you will feel good knowing that you're giving them not only a tasty treat, but all the benefits of CBD as well.
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  • KingKalm Pet CBDQuick view

    KingKalm Pet CBD


    KingKalm Pet CBD | Hemp Pet Health | 75mg-150mg-300mg/50ml

    KingKalm Pet CBD that the vast majority of people who use CBD on their pets are claiming amazing and sometimes, almost instant noticeable relief from a wide range of common ailments. Safe for all pets (Canine and feline), rich in fish oil and omegas.
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  • Koi CBD Pet Soft ChewsQuick view

    Koi CBD Pet


    Koi CBD Pet Soft Chews | Chicken Flavored | Dietary Supplement

    Introducing Koi CBD Pet Soft Chews – Full spectrum profile of synergistic compounds naturally present in our zero-THC phytocannabinoid organically grown hemp oil for pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, age related issues, and overall health & wellness.
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  • Pet Relaxation RemedyQuick view

    Pet Relaxation Remedy


    Pharma Hemp | Pet Relaxation Remedy | 2 Flavors | 120mg/1oz & 550mg/2oz

    Our Pharma Hemp Complex Pet Relaxation Remedy is an all-new cannabinoid formulation! This Relaxation Remedy has been carefully formulated to meet your needs as furry friend caretaker. Unflavored and Fresh Breath Mint to freshen their breath.
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  • Professional Vet StrengthQuick view

    Professional Vet Strength


    Professional Veterinary Strength | CBD for Pets | 550mg-1100mg/oz

    Our Pharma Hemp Complex Professional Veterinary Strength Endocannabinoid System Support for cats and dogs contains high-concentration full spectrum cannabinoids, and is excellent for clinical applications.
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  • Pure Pet CapsulesQuick view

    Pure Pet Capsules


    Pure Pet Capsules | Full-Spectrum CBD Oil | 10mg/Cap | 30ct-60ct-90ct

    In order to provide optimal absorption, these pills get dissolved in the intestinal tract of your pet, rather than in their stomach. Each bottle is packed with 300mg/30ct to 900mg/90ct of pure CBD, which makes these a must-have for every pet lover.
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  • Pure Pet OilQuick view

    Pure Pet Oil


    Pure Pet Oil Syringe | Full-Spectrum CBD | 1000mg/15ml Syringe

    Looking for a concentrated CBD product for your furry friends? The Pure Pet CBD syringe is the most concentrated CBD hemp oil product we offer. Each 15ml tube contains 1,000 mg of pure CBD. Our hemp is grown in Colorado, with strict organic farming practices.
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  • Pure Pet TinctureQuick view

    Pure Pet Tincture


    Pure Pet Tincture | CBD Hemp Oil | 300mg-600mg-900mg/30ml

    This innovative and quality-tested tincture was designed to provide a convenient way to add CBD oil into your pets daily life. Each bottle is packed with 300mg to 900mg of CBD. We love our pets and they deserve the best care we can give them; Pure Pet CBD Oil.
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  • Receptra PetQuick view

    Receptra Pet


    Receptra Pet | Dogs or Cats | Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids | CBD Hemp Extract

    Caring for your four-legged companions just got easier with Receptra Pet. Developed using our premium CBD-hemp extract, Receptra Pet is a safe, all-natural health and wellness solution specially formulated for your pets. Give your pets some love.
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  • Pharma Hemp Dog TreatsQuick view

    Relaxation Remedy Pets


    Relaxation Remedy for Pets | Unflavored | 120mg; 30ml

    This 1oz bottle combined with the calming power of a proprietary Homeopathic and Flower Blend, contains 120mg total cannabinoids (CBD, CBDA, CBN, CBG, and terpenes), and is recommended for small (under 15lbs) or sensitive pets.
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  • Treatibles Dog ChewsQuick view

    Treatibles Dog Chews


    Treatibles Dog Chews | Pumpkin Flavor | 1mg/chew & 2.5mg/chew

    Treatibles CBD Dog Treats are packed with beneficial nutrients for any dog diet. Nourish your companion with CBD, turmeric, and hemp seed oil, which includes omega 3 and omega-6. The small and large size are available in the dog-approved tasty pumpkin flavor.
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  • Tru Blu BaconQuick view

    Tru Blu Bacon


    Blue Moon Hemp | Tru Blu Bacon | CBD for Pets | 250mg/30ml

    Tru Blu Bacon CBD K9 Tincture for Pets. A 30ml blend of Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil with 250mg of CBD. Our Nano-Technology and high speed emulsion methods create a micro-encapsulation of the molecules which results in greater bio-availability.
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