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  • Blue Moon CrystallineQuick view

    Blue Moon Crystalline


    Blue Moon Hemp | CBD Crystalline | Zero THC | 1000mg/g Jar

    This is a 99.6% Pure Crystalline Gram of CBD and contains the full spectrum benefits of CBG and CBN. There is less than .0001 THC. Non-Detectable on drug screenings. Can be mixed into your favorite drinks, or added to your favorite foods.
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  • Casa LunaQuick view

    Casa Luna


    Casa Luna | CBD Chocolates | Milk & Dark Chocolate Squares | 90mg 30pc

    Casa Luna CBD Chocolate Squares are absolutely delicious and fit for a King or Queen! Featuring a wide variety of Hemp-Rich CBD infused chocolates Dark, Milk and Sugar Free. 30 Squares included per pouch. 90mg of total CBD, 3mg of CBD per square.
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  • Diamond CBD Crystal Powder DabsQuick view

    Crystal Powder Dabs


    Diamond CBD | Crystal Powder Dabs | Vape | Full-Spectrum | 1000mg/g

    Crystal Powder Dabs is CBD oil isolate rock that is 99% concentration. Our end result is a pure raw crystallized powder. In addition to vaping, it can be added to foods, liquids and a wide range of other products. Highest purity, premium infused crystal.
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  • Diamond CBD Crystal Rock DabsQuick view

    Crystal Rock Dabs


    Diamond CBD | Crystal Rock Dabs | Vape | Full-Spectrum | 1000mg/g

    Diamond CBD Crystal Rock Dabs CBD Crystal Dabs is CBD oil isolate rock that is 99% concentration. Our end result is a pure raw crystallized rocks. It can be added to foods, liquids and a wide range of other products. Premium infused crystal.
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  • Diamond CBD CrumbleQuick view

    Diamond CBD Crumble


    Diamond CBD | CBD Crystal Crumble Dabs | Vape | 600mg/g

    Diamond CBD Crumble Dabs is CBD oil isolate powder that is 99% concentration. Our end result is a pure raw crystallized powder. In addition to vaping, it can be added to foods, liquids and a wide range of other products. Premium Hemp Infused Crystals.
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  • Green Roads CoffeeQuick view

    Green Roads Coffee


    Green Roads | CBD Coffee | African Bean | Full-Spectrum | 84mg/3oz

    Green Roads and Steep Fuze out of Colorado have partnered to create Cannabidiol infused coffee. Gerry, the Co-Founder of Steep Fuze has been blind since birth, and when Gerry roasts he relies solely on his heightened senses of smell and hearing.
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  • Green Roads CrumbleQuick view

    Green Roads Crumble


    Green Roads | CBD Crumble | Rich in Terpenes | Vape | 250mg/g

    Green Roads Crumble. "DAB Crumble" is highly concentrated with Rich Nutrients and Rich Terpenes. Green Roads Crumble is usually vaped, but in addition can be added to any beverage. Excellent way to introduce yourself to CBD Dab products.
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  • Green Roads CBD CrystalQuick view

    Green Roads Crystal


    Green Roads CBD | CBD Crystal | Pure Isolate | Vape | 250mg/.25g

    Most people vape crystal isolate, but it is also a convenient way to add the highest potency Cannabidiol to your supplement program mixed in your favorite drinks or sprinkled on your favorite foods. Pure isolates do not alter the taste of your drink or food.
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  • Green Roads JolliesQuick view

    Green Roads Jollies


    Green Roads | CBD Jollies Hard Candy | Delicious Flavors | 10mg/Jolly 3pk

    Green Roads Jollies that are CBD infused Hard Candies. Sweet, Delicious, & Very Relaxing. Aids in relaxation to help take the edge off, and will give the user a calming feeling. Three (3) Jollies per pack with 10mg each per serving to supplement your diet.
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  • Green Roads LollipopsQuick view

    Green Roads Lollipops


    Green Roads CBD | Lollipops | 5 Delicious Flavors | 30mg ea

    Revive the inner child in you with our new line of CBD Lollipops! Each Gluten free lollipop is infused with pure Cannabidiol, containing 30mg of CBD per serving. These delicious treats are very sweet and relaxing, and are sold in a variety of flavors.
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  • Green Roads TeaQuick view

    Green Roads Tea


    Green Roads | CBD Chamomile Tea | Sweet | 7.6mg/Serving

    Green Roads Tea Sip For Serenity. A chamomile based tea infused with our proprietary blend of Cannabidiol. Chamomile is an age old medical herb used for centuries in tea as a mild, relaxing sleep aid. Try our sweet tea to relax your mind, body, and soul.
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  • High CBD Edibles Hemp CBD HoneyQuick view

    Hemp CBD Honey


    Pharma CBD | Hemp Health | Hemp CBD Honey | 500mg; 6oz

    Now you can supercharge your immune system with Pharma Hemp CBD Honey. Pharma Hemp CBD Honey is made with high quality grade organic ingredients without additives or preservatives. The healing powers of both Cannabis and Honey have been known for centuries.
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  • PHARMA_CBD_Peanut_Butter_Image_864Quick view

    Hemp CBD Peanut...


    Pharma CBD | Hemp Health | Hemp CBD Peanut Butter | 500mg; 6oz

    Pharma Hemp CBD Peanut butter offers a great source of protein, fiber, potassium, heart healthy fats, and antioxidants. Combined with the numerous benefits of Cannabidiol, a great start to your day is just a spread away.
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  • Johnny Apple BlissQuick view

    Johnny Apple Bliss


    Johnny Apple Bliss | Hybrid CBD Crystalline 99.88% | Girl Scout Cookie

    Our Girl Scout Cookie-inspired blend is a great hybrid profile that gives users an intense euphoric experience, while remaining relaxed and happy. Its aromatic profile of hybrid strains give it that distinct and delicious minty sweet flavor.
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  • Johnny Apple CalmQuick view

    Johnny Apple Calm


    Johnny Apple Calm | Indica CBD Crystalline 99.88% | Grand Daddy Purple

    This blend, reminiscent of Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) and Purple Kush, is tailored for those that desire the sedating and calming affects of an indica. Calm is a soothing and mildly sedating blend resulting in the highest medicinal effect.
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  • Johnny Apple PureQuick view

    Johnny Apple Pure


    Johnny Apple Pure | CBD Crystalline 99.88% | Black Cherry Menthol

    Our 99% pure CBD gives users an easy and light feel while remaining clearheaded and attentive. Fine crystalline (Pure) that's better suited for eating, baking, and making measurements. Anti-anxiety; pain relief; anti-inflammatory; anti-spasm.
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  • Johnny Apple ZEnergyQuick view

    Johnny Apple ZEnergy


    Johnny Apple ZEnergy | Sativa CBD Crystalline 99.88% | Jack Herer

    This Jack Herer (Super Silver Haze) inspired blend is a perfect daytime due to its blissful, clearheaded, uplifting, and creative affects. Bright flavored blend perfect for an upbeat, clear-headed, and creative effect. Signature citrus, pine, and apple flavors.
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  • Medterra CBD IsolateQuick view

    Medterra CBD Isolate


    Medterra Med99+ CBD Isolate | Pure CBD | 99+% CBD | THC Free | 1g-1000g

    Medterra CBD Isolate Med99+ is the industry’s highest form of CBD isolate. Our isolate is extracted and manufactured within 48 hours of harvest to ensure the freshest and most stable CBD isolate. Consistent, high quality product time and time again.
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