CBD Vape Additives

CBD Vape Additives

You’re successful and enjoy life to the fullest. Vaping is an expression of who you are and so you own the finest vaporizers money can buy. And of course you expect perfection from the eJuices you choose to be known by. Craft and Artisan eJuices or liquids known to be the top picks of your peers in the vaping community.

Now you can take another step up and be known for crafting healthy life style eJuices by combining your favorite eJuice with the top rated Hemp CBD Additives in the market. You can move to the extreme by creating your own custom blend of flavor and health supplement.

Choose any of the Hemp CBD Additives on this page and add it to your favorite vaping eJuice and get the benefits of the fastest growing health trend in the World; Hemp CBD! Be someone special!

Add it to zero nicotine eJuices only!

Pure CBD Isolate Additives are for individuals who value the pristine flavor of their favorite premium eJuice.

Full Spectrum CBD Additives are for those individuals seeking the highest potency CBD concentrates for health or medical reasons.

BrandTypemg (CBD)ml (vol)PotencyFlavor
Juco CBDPure CBD Isolate125-300-60010ml13mg-30mg-60mg/mlNo Flavor: does not alter or change eJuices taste
SAUCPure CBD Isolate125-250-50015ml8mg-17mg-33mg/mlNo Flavor: does not alter or change eJuices taste
CBDfxFull Spectrum60-120-30010ml6mg-12mg-30mg/mlNatural: slightly alters the eJuices flavor
Delta CBDFull Spectrum125030ml42mg/mlNatural: slightly alters the eJuices flavor
Tru BluFull Spectrum250-500-750-1500-30005ml-10ml-15ml-30ml50mg/ml-100mg/mlNatural: slightly alters the eJuices flavor
Head ShotsFull Spectrum90mg-180mg-400mg15ml6mg/ml-12mg/ml-27mg/mlNatural: slightly alters the eJuices flavor
Diamond CBDFull SpectrumPremium Grade1ml-5ml-12ml7X Potency vs OthersNatural: slightly alters the eJuices flavor
Liquid GoldFull SpectrumPremium Grade12ml15X Potency vs OthersNatural: slightly alters the eJuices flavor
Stash CBDFull SpectrumPremium Grade5ml-15ml7X Potency vs OthersNatural: slightly alters the eJuices flavor
Chong's ChoiceFull SpectrumPremium Grade18ml7X Potency vs OthersNatural: slightly alters the eJuices flavor
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  • SAUC Vape AdditiveQuick view

    #1 SAUC Vape...


    SAUC Vape Additive | Pure CBD Isolate | No Taste | 125-250-500mg/15ml

    SAUC Vape Additive CBD Isolate has no taste so you can add it to your favorite eJuice and still enjoy the taste bud popping flavor you love, but with a healthy dose of CBD to enhance your quality of life. It can also be vaped or used sublingually.
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  • Tru Blu CBD AdditiveQuick view

    #1 Tru Blu...


    Blue Moon Hemp | Full Spectrum CBD | 50mg-100mg CBD | 5ml-30ml

    Full Spectrum CBD Additive with additional cannabinoids and terpenes boasting the Entourage Effect. Tru Blu CBD Additive is a premium formulation that easily allows you to add CBD to your favorite eJuice. Experience incredible award winning eJuices.
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  • CBD Head ShotsQuick view

    CBD Head Shots


    CBD Head Shots | Full Spectrum | Vape Additive or Tincture | 90-400mg

    CBD Head Shots Tincture or Vape Additive is a smooth liquid that enhances the natural flavor profile of the hemp plant and pairs well with fruity and dessert flavored foods. Its proprietary VG/PG mixture blends well with e-liquids or taken as a tincture.
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  • CBDfx VapeQuick view

    CBDfx Vape Additive


    CBDfx Vape eLiquid | Unflavored | 60mg 10ml; 120mg 10ml

    CBDfx is a hemp based e-liquid made from family farm grown European industrial hemp. These vape additives provide a great boost to your favorite vape oils; just add a couple drops. CBDfx Vape Additive in 60mg and 120mg strengths.
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  • Chong's Choice AdditiveQuick view

    Chong’s Choice Additive


    Chong's Choice | CBD Vape Additive | Premium CBD Brand

    Chong's Choice Additive products are a premium brand of CBD products brought to you by the legendary Tommy Chong and are produced using the highest quality ingredients and 100% natural premium hemp. Let's get our vape on!
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  • Vaping Cheap Delta Hemp OilQuick view

    Delta CBD Vape...


    Delta Botanicals | Full Spectrum CBD | Zero THC | 1250mg/30ml

    Pharmacy grade CBD, highest potency/purity, best product in its class, 3rd party tested, legal, safe with no side effects, competitively priced and tastes great too! Add our 1250 mg concentrate to your favorite vaping e-liquid or e-juice for a new experience!
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  • Diamond Vape AdditiveQuick view

    Diamond CBD Extreme


    Diamond CBD Extreme | Vape Additive | Full Spectrum CBD | 1ml-5ml-12ml

    Diamond CBD Extreme is a Vape additive. Only to be vaped, our CBD liquids are Premium Gold quality and test at a 7X higher concentration than any of our competitor’s products. Use as a Vape Liquid or add to your favorite E-liquid.
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  • Juco Vape AdditiveQuick view

    Juco Vape Additive


    Juco CBD Additive | Premium Product | No Taste | 125mg-300mg-600mg/10ml

    Introducing Juco CBD Vape Additive. Smooth almost satin like texture, with No taste at all. Expertly blended with VG/PG for maximum potency and cloud. Add it to any premium eliquid or eJuice for an extra boost to your everyday vape or simply vape by itself.
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  • Liquid Gold VapeQuick view

    Liquid Gold Vape


    Liquid Gold Vape Additive | eJuice & eLiquids | Full Spectrum CBD | 12ml

    Liquid Gold Vape CBD 12ml is a Vape additive. Liquid Gold Vape Additive raises the bar for CBD Vaping. Mix this liquid additive with any of your preferred vape liquids for the ultimate CBD experience. Tests at a 15X higher concentration than our competitor’s.
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  • Stash Vape AdditiveQuick view

    Stash Vape Additive

    5 out of 5

    Stash CBD | Vape Additive | Max CBD Concentrate | Drip & Rip |5ml-15ml

    An optimal and pure CBD concentrate, carefully crafted to, "Drip & Rip", from any vaping device! Simply infuse our rich cannabinol elixir with any E-Liquid or drip, reinforcing the reward of maximum relief one drop at a time. Premium eJuice additive.
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