Oral Spray

Oral Spray

We are pleased to bring you the Top Selling Premium Oral Sprays on the market! Aceso oral sprays combine CBD & Terpene blends to deliver that special feeling you’ve been seeking, Pharma Peppermint oral spray has a burst of flavor that keeps you coming back for more, and the Elixinol Liposome Spray is one of their top selling products because of its awesome flavor and results delivering formula!

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  • Hemp Oil CareQuick view

    Hemp Oil Care


    Hemp Oil Care | CBD Oral Spray | Full-Spectrum | 2 Flavors | 1200mg/60ml

    The Hemp Oil Care CBD spray tincture is packed with 1,200mg of CBD from pure hemp oil extract. Unlike any tincture on the market, this product is THC-free and provides the benefit of full-spectrum hemp oil. Made with premium, all-natural ingredients.
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  • Holistic Extra StrengthQuick view

    Holistic Extra Strength


    Holistic CBD Oral Spray | Extra Strength Tincture | 550mg-1100mg/1oz

    Our Pharma Holistic CBD Oral Spray/Tincture is made with an all-new cannabinoid formulation! Boasts all the benefits of CBD plus a more complete blend of full-spectrum cannabinoids. Healthy blend of hemp seed oil and coconut oil.
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  • Holistic Oral SprayQuick view

    Holistic Oral Spray


    Holistic Oral Spray | Full-Spectrum Tincture | CBD,CBG,CBN,Terpenes

    Holistic CBD Oral Spray Tincture with a new cannabinoid formulation boasts all the benefits of CBD plus a more complete blend of full-spectrum cannabinoids. In addition, the formula base is made from hemp seed oil and coconut oil. 120mg/1oz-550mg/2oz.
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  • pH Secrets Alertness SprayQuick view

    pH Secrets Alertness...


    pH Secrets Alertness Spray | Siberian Gingseng | 450mg/60ml CBD

    pH Secrets Alertness Spray Delivers a wonderful boost of energy and alertness while also giving you your daily dose of CBD! Handy spray you can take anywhere and discretely use it to drive away that tired feeling and replace it with a burst of energy.
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