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CBD is the main Holistic Healing component for almost all medical conditions 80% of the time.

Medical Marijuana Patients (MMP) have discovered the CBD from marijuana plants is identical to the CBD from hemp plants.

The THC/CBD combination works better in only 20% of the cases. Also, some people found their Endocannabinoid System is more receptive to the combination. In 80% of the cases, CBD without THC works to provide relief  and health benefits.

Full-spectrum hemp products with high CBD content can produce amazing results for many medical conditions according to reports.

Hemp CBD products do not make you high. People who do not like feeling high or out of control should switch immediately to hemp CBD and try it.

Read more to learn about hemp CBD and check out our quick CBD Relief Chart that shows what medical conditions THC and/or CBD help.

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The clients come here for relief from many different medical conditions. You will see many examples below. Our staff takes your health very seriously and have searched globally for the highest strength and most potent CBD products including Holistic Healing solutions. There are multiple criteria that determine the ability of a CBD product to help you with your medical condition. I will discuss this for a minute so you have the very best chance for success in controlling or even beating your ailment.

Holistic HealingThe more severe your condition, the higher potency you'll need to affect your condition and quality of life. There are three main components that determine the potency of any CBD product:

CBD Potency

Number one is the higher the CBD content; the more potent it will be. Potency has a normal range of 5mg/ml up to 67mg/ml in extracts. The normal range is around 15mg/ml to 50mg/ml. Our Pure Science Lab extract is the highest potency in the World at 167mg/ml.


Number two on the list is finding products that are full-spectrum. Full-spectrum relates to hemp oil containing not only CBD, but also other Cannabinoids and Terpenes. Read our "CBD's of Hemp" to learn more about these two components. Many hemp oil products have NO cannabinoids or Terpenes in them. The better brands usually have up to 4 or 5 Cannabinoids and as many as 20 terpenes.

Full-spectrum products cause the Entourage Effect that is one of the most searched for and purchased for Holistic Healing. These components create what's known as the Entourage Effect. CBD products are SIGNIFICANTLY more effective when combinations of cannabinoids are present in the product! Pure Science Lab products have up to 85 Cannabinoids; the highest amount in the World!

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The third component is processing the material in state-of-the-art equipment. The lab technicians manufacture with Super Critical CO2 Extraction equipment. The longer they let products brew, the stronger they get. Another thing is Hemp CBD is identical to CBD derived from marijuana. Consequently, when these three components are working together you get the highest potency, most effective and purest Hemp CBD Oils in the World.

Holistic Healing by Pure Science 200mg VapeThese brands are premium products that can offer you the relief you're seeking. For severe conditions we have Pure Science Lab 167mg/ml Hemp Oil Extract, 200mg/ml Vape, 100mg/cap Capsules and 410mg/g Oil in oral applicators; all containing 85 Cannabinoids.

The staff recommends Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO), Elixinol, Bluebird-Botanicals, Charlottes Web, Endoca, Hemplucid and many more.

Holistic Healing & FDA Regulations

The FDA forbids by regulation making specific recommendations for which product you should try for your condition. We even cannot state that Hemp CBD products have any medical value at all, so we've told you how to identify the strength of product you need and offered the highest potency products in the World here on our website.

People report that these remedies work for many ailments and as Holistic Healing that enhances your whole-body wellness! As the saying goes; "you get what you pay for" and that is definitely true when talking hemp CBD products.

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Medical Conditions associated with Hemp CBD research!

ADD and ADHDEndocrine DisordersNeuropathic PainCPOD
AddictionEpilepsy and SeizuresObesityDepression
AIDSFibromyalgiaOCDStroke and TBI
ALSGlaucomaOsteoporosis/BoneMultiple Sclerosis
Alzheimer’s DiseaseHeart DiseaseParkinson’s DiseaseStress
AnorexiaHuntington’s DiseasePrion/Mad Cow diseaseColitis and Crohn’s
Antibiotic ResistanceInflammationPTSDMotion Sickness
AnxietyIrritable Bowel SyndromeRheumatismSpinal Cord Injury
AtherosclerosisKidney DiseaseSchizophreniaMood Disorders
ArthritisLiver DiseaseSickle Cell AnemiaDravet Syndrome
AsthmaMetabolic SyndromeSkin ConditionsBipolar
AutismMigraineSleep DisordersADD & ADHD

We have many Holistic Healing solutions that could help your whole-body wellness!

Actual Results from People Suffering Severe Medical Conditions!

1. Lung Cancer

From: Pat
Good day, I’d like to express my satisfaction with the quality of your product which I have not found anywhere else. I’ve been recommending your product to some clients that come to our holistic centre and observing amazing results. One client even recovered from lung cancer in less then 45 days. Thank you so much!

2. Systemic Mastocytosis

From: Dalton Boggs
Subject: Testimonial Holistic Healing
Message Body: Systemic Mastocytosis was the diagnosis received approximately 20 years ago. Systemic Mastocytosis is a disorder caused by a mutation that results in an excessive number of mast cells in the body. Mast cells normally help protect you from disease and aid in wound healing, but if you have systemic mastocytosis, excess mast cells can build up in various parts of your body.

These mast cells release substances that when triggered by allergens or injury can overwhelm your body causing symptoms such as facial flushing, itching, rapid heartbeat, abdominal cramps, lightheadedness or even loss of consciousness. I have tried many drugs and remedies over the years, and some would provide some relief but never really control the symptoms. Spending a lot of time outdoors and being an avid golfer, I encounter pollen and weeds which trigger my mast cell symptoms, so much so, that I almost had to quit playing this past summer.

I have been taking 41.62% CBD Hemp Oil for 60 days, and have not had one recurrence of mastocytosis symptoms.

3. Breast Cancer

Date: Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 7:33 PM
Subject: Re: Your Pure Science Lab CBD order
I am so happy to have found Pure Science Lab..These guys ROCK !! The compassion,care and products shows that they really care.

I started buy the CBD oil for a friend. She was originally diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of Breast Cancer, they then found it in her bones and liver, 2 years ago. They gave her less than a year. We started ordering the oil for her when I learned of my dear friends disease. Her Dr. was aware as she asked the Dr, what she would think about her starting the oil, while on chemo. My friend was so far gone, that the Dr said ” why not, you have nothing to lose”..Man what an understatement. She should have said, you have something to gain, “your life”.

She started to look better a few months into the oil treatments, not as pale and could move around better. and started to eat better, had more energy. We noticed the difference. The doc said, her blood work results were better about 5 months into it. And she continued to improve. Her last check up with the Oncologist, almost one year of taking the oil, the reports came in and the results ::: the cancer colony has stopped growing and moving. THEY ARE DORMANT!! They hadn’t grown  at all since her last tests.


Yes, the oil has not only stopped the spreading, and it was a vicious take over, all her tests came back with no spread of cancer anywhere. The wounds from her surgeries, that were getting worse, have healed. We were all elated. To see her go from a hospital bed in her living room, to now getting out and living again, is unbelievably the best thing I have see in my life time.

I would have probably not lost my brother, 6 yr old nephew or my BFF of 46 years. If I had known about this product, I would have gotten them the oil . I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt they would still be with us. The oil is not just for Breast Cancer, it was metastasizing thru her whole body. My brother, Liver Cancer, my nephew, brain cancer, my BFF, stomach cancer, I wish I knew about Pure Science Lab then.

I also want to give Accolades the Dan and his partner, Thank you, Thank you for your wonderful customer service, fast deliveries, and mostly that you care that you really do this great service out of concern of this horrible disease. You are truly a blessing.

4. Metastatic Melanoma

Tue 3/8/2016 4:28 PM
Subject: healing effects of cbd
Message Body: UPDATE–THERE IS NO ACTIVE CANCER IN MY BODY - After one year using this cbd extract to supplement treatment for stage 4 metastatic melanoma, and having been previously given 3-4 months of life-I am excited to share that since October 2015-one year after original diagnosis 2014, and now 5 months later. I took a couple months off to clean out my system and now plan to continue to use the cbd to maintain my health. The medical doctors have instructed me to keep doing what i have been doing.

5. Auto Immune Disease

Extremely fast shipping BUT, it is the quality of the product that i am impressed with. I suffer from an arthritic auto immune disease and this product has given me my life back without pain. I am going on my third month and i have not had an attack. Only on several occasions during this time have i felt an attack coming on but after a dose or two of the CBD it somehow reverses the attack. Can’t say enough about its positive affect on my life. i would wish the same for you. Pure science provides great customer support and always responds quickly to questions. The product itself is expensive but after searching the internet top to bottom, I have found this to be the best price per gram along with higher concentrate. Peace and Blessings!

And there are hundreds more testimonials that tell about the incredible Holistic Healing Powers of Hemp CBD!