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  • PurFurred CBD for DogsQuick view

    CBD for Dogs


    CBD for Dogs | Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil | 200mg/30ml

    The CBD for Dogs tincture provides the benefit of CBD oil in a formula suited to your dog’s diet. This tincture contains 200mg CBD from full-spectrum hemp oil, which includes essential phytocannabinoids and nutrients. Give your Dog the best supplement!
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  • CBD For The PeopleQuick view

    CBD For The...


    CBD For the People | Tincture | Highest Concentration | 20mg/ml - 107mg/ml

    CBD For the People tincture contains all natural occurring terpenes from the hemp plant as well as Vitamin E, Omega 3-6-9, fatty and amino acids, and natural plant sterols. This is the most raw and most organic tincture available on the market.
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  • CBD FuzeBerriesQuick view

    CBD FuzeBerries


    CBD Head Shots | CBD FuzeBerries Gummies | Full Spectrum | 2 Flavors

    CBD Head Shots new product Fuzeberries Gummies is a complete formula that delivers a synergistic blend of powerful CannaFuse™, Bacillus coagulans probiotics, and predietary fiber for optimal digestive health and total body balance and wellness.
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  • CBD Head ShotsQuick view

    CBD Head Shots


    CBD Head Shots | Full Spectrum | Vape Additive or Tincture | 90-400mg

    CBD Head Shots Tincture or Vape Additive is a smooth liquid that enhances the natural flavor profile of the hemp plant and pairs well with fruity and dessert flavored foods. Its proprietary VG/PG mixture blends well with e-liquids or taken as a tincture.
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  • CBD Liquid Gold Jungle JuiceQuick view

    CBD Liquid Gold


    CBD Liquid Gold | Vape eLiquid | CBD Concentrate | 1ml-5ml bottles

    CBD Liquid Gold will brighten up your day with vape eliquid that contains the maximum amount of CBD with unique flavors. You can use it any time, just add it in your vaporizer and you are good to go. CBD Liquid Gold is the preferred choice for premium CBD oil.
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  • Pharma Hemp SuppositoryQuick view

    CBD Ozone Suppository


    Pharma Hemp CBD | Hemp CBD Suppositories | 25mg; 75mg; ozone

    Rectal administration of hemp CBD has greater bioavailability and absorption than both oral and inhaled methods. Effects can be felt as soon as 10 minutes after application. The use of ozone improves the body’s ability to heal and regenerate damaged cell.
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  • CBD Pain be Gone CreamQuick view

    CBD Pain be...


    Green Roads CBD | CBD Pain be Gone Cream | Topical | 150mg/30g CBD

    Green Roads CBD Pain be Gone Cream knocks out pain in a flsh. Just spray a dime size spot on the area that's bothering you and then rub it in thouroughly. You don't have to live with pain when you can have Pain be Gone at the ready to wipe out pain.
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  • CBD CreamQuick view

    CBD Soothing Salves


    Pharma Hemp | CBD Soothing Salves | Choose Fragrance & Quantity | 150mg

    This all natural never-greasy topical contains Pharma Hemp CBD Oil with a nourishing blend of natural steam-distilled botanicals. Sooth your aches, nourish your skin, and refresh your body with our non-GMO moisturizing salve. No artificial dyes or fragrances.
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  • Hookahzz CBD Vape JuiceQuick view

    CBD Vape Juice...


    Hookahzz | CBD Vape Juice | Incredible High Potency 500mg/1ml

    Our CBD oils not only provide the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol, but with no additives, it is as natural as it gets! Enjoy the experience of our hemp CBD oil with our prefilled cartridges. Each 1ml cartridge contains 500mg hemp CBD.
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  • CBDfx VapeQuick view

    CBDfx Vape Additive


    CBDfx Vape eLiquid | Unflavored | 60mg 10ml; 120mg 10ml

    CBDfx is a hemp based e-liquid made from family farm grown European industrial hemp. These vape additives provide a great boost to your favorite vape oils; just add a couple drops. CBDfx Vape Additive in 60mg and 120mg strengths.
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  • CBDfx Hemp Oil For Vape PenQuick view

    CBDfx Vape Pen


    CBDfx Disposable Pen | Awesome Mint Fresh | 30mg CBD

    CBDfx 30mg Fresh Mint Disposable Pen uses CBD extracted from the highest quality EU sourced hemp plants and is perfect for on-the-go lifestyles and offers a fresh, minty burst of CBD. The pen does not require charging, it’s ready to go right out of the package.
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  • CBDoobieQuick view



    CBDoobie | 4 Marijuana Strain Terpene Flavor Profiles | 60mg/pc; 36pcs/jar

    Euphoric Labs has developed the CBDoobie, made with the finest quality smokable herbs; infused with 99% pure pharmaceutical grade CBD isolate AND our scientists have enriched each CBDoobie with the Jack Herrer terpenes profile; Entourage Effect.
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  • Charlotte's Web CapsQuick view

    Charlotte’s Web Caps


    Charlotte's Web | Simply Hemp Oil Capsules | 15mg/Cap & 35mg/Cap

    Simplify your routine with the Charlotte’s Web Simply Hemp Capsules. These capsules are the perfect no-fuss option for those who are always on the go. The Simply Hemp Capsules support a healthy lifestyle and help to maintain general wellness.
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  • Hemp CBD Charlotte's Web ExtractQuick view

    Charlotte’s Web Extract


    CW Hemp Extract | Mint Chocolate | 200mg; 500mg; 1500mg; 1oz

    Charlotte’s Web is a trusted brand that comes from the Stanley Brothers in Colorado. Hemp Extract, Coconut Oil, MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides – Fractionated Coconut Oil), Water, Cane Sugar, Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Natural Flavors.
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  • Chill GummiesQuick view

    Chill Gummies


    Chill Gummies | CBD Infused Gummy Bears | 12 Flavors | 12 Bags per Box

    Do you own a store? These are the perfect Gummies for your impulse buyers and an extra revenue stream for you. These Gummy Bears are chewy and tasty! Each bite leaves your mouth wanting more of the gummy goodness. The Chill Gummies collection is perfect.
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  • Chong's Choice AdditiveQuick view

    Chong’s Choice Additive


    Chong's Choice | CBD Vape Additive | Premium CBD Brand

    Chong's Choice Additive products are a premium brand of CBD products brought to you by the legendary Tommy Chong and are produced using the highest quality ingredients and 100% natural premium hemp. Let's get our vape on!
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  • Chong's Choice GummiesQuick view

    Chong’s Choice Gummies


    Chong's Choice Gummies | CBD Infused Gummy Bears | Edible Candy | Premium

    Tommy Chong's delicious gummy bears jam packed with flavor and CBD from Chong's Choice. A mouthful of flavor while enjoying the benefits of CBD. Perfect for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth and get their regular dosage of CBD.
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  • Chong's Choice PenQuick view

    Chong’s Choice Pen


    Chong's Choice | CBD Oil Vaping Pen | Strawberry | Premium CBD

    Chong's Choice CBD Oil Vaping Pen is a disposable vaping pen that comes in a delicious strawberry flavor and is ready to use right away. Brought to you by the legendary Tommy Chong and produced using the highest 100% natural quality ingredients.
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