CBD Selection Guide

Guide by Mark Fluga, MBA
Hemp Oil Factory Founder

How to Choose the Right Hemp CBD Product for Your Needs!

Have you read through some of the information that’s out there on CBD Hemp products? Could it be any more convoluted then the hemp product guru’s try to make it? In fairness to most of these guys & gals, they are trying to teach us everything we could possibly need to know about hemp and its benefits.

Is that really what we want to know or do we just need enough knowledge to pick the right products for our own needs and know they are the best choices … no matter whose website we’re on?

My guide “The CBD’s of Hemp” does just that! I did the research for all of us and you’re about 10 minutes from becoming an absolute expert on everything hemp CBD when it comes to your health and choosing the right product to get the benefits you deserve! So, let’s get started.

CBD Selection Guide    CBD Selection Guide    CBD Selection Guide

Marijuana (THC, CBD)     Hemp (CBD)                          Hemp Oil

There are four main players we need to understand if we’re going to make good choices and here I’ll try to explain them so you are armed with the information heading into the rest of the guide.

Marijuana - THC has many medical benefits, makes you high and most people smoke it.
The term cannabis (or marijuana) is used when describing a Cannabis Sativa plant that is bred for its potent, resinous glands (known as trichomes). These trichomes contain high amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid most known for its psychoactive properties. Cannabis can be used by smoking, vaporization, within food, or as an extract. THC produces the psychoactive high (Wikipedia, 2017). The Cannabis Sativa plant also produces high quantities of the Cannabidiol (CBD).

Hemp – CBD has medical benefits, does NOT get you high, can be smoked or taken orally.
Hemp or industrial hemp is grown in Europe, Colorado and Kentucky and is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species that is grown for industrial uses and CBD oil production. Hemp has almost no concentrations of THC (<0.03) and high concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD). Hemp oil and CBD oil made from the Hemp plant can be used by smoking, vaporization, within food, or taken orally as an extract. CBD does not produce any psychoactive high (Wikipedia, 2017).

Cannabinoid – THC & CBD are two of many. Combinations of compounds are more potent.
A cannabinoid is one of a class of diverse chemical compounds that acts on cannabinoid receptors in cells that alter neurotransmitter release in the brain. The most notable cannabinoid is the phytocannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. Cannabidiol (CBD) is another major constituent of the plant most known for its ability to relieve certain medical conditions. There are at least 113 different cannabinoids isolated from cannabis, exhibiting varied effects (Wikipedia, 2017).

  • The Most Relevant Cannabinoids are: THC, THCv, CBD, CBDa, CBN, CBC, CBG.

Terpenes – Different combinations of these compounds change how you feel.
Terpenes are a large and diverse class of organic compounds, produced by a variety of plants, particularly conifers. Terpenes are major biosynthetic building blocks within nearly every living creature. Terpenes are the primary constituents of the essential oils of many types of plants and flowers. Essential oils are used widely as fragrances in perfumery, and in medicine and alternative medicines such as aromatherapy.

  • The Most Relevant Terpenes are: Myrcene, α Pinene, Linalool, Limonene, Terpinolene, Terpineol, β Caryophyllene, Geraniol, Humulene, Sabinene, Camphene, Phellandrene, Carene, Pulegone.

You always want to look for full-spectrum products because they have multiple combinations of Cannabinoids and Terpenes that act with the CBD to make it much more effective because they produce what’s known as the “Entourage Effect”.

Ethanol Extraction
Ethanol extraction involves introducing the solvent ethanol to the hemp plant in order to extract cannabinoids. Unlike CO2 extraction, you are able to produce a very high volume of full spectrum extract with this method. Ethanol also removes unwanted components such as chlorophyll from dried hemp when performed at very cold temperatures. The key benefit to this method is that the plants Cannabinoid and Terpene bonds stay intact and are not broken like when manufactured using the CO2 Super Critical extraction method. Referred to as Complete-Spectrum, products manufactured using this method are claimed to be 2X more potent than Full-Spectrum products, and 10X more potent than CBD Isolate products.

CO2 Supercritical Extraction
CO2 Supercritical Extraction equipment (process stalks, leaves, flowers).
CBD oil (highest potency) processed using CO2 Supercritical Extraction is the purest oil you can get and can be processed to contain no psychoactive THC. This process leaves the multiple Cannabinoids and Terpenes in the CBD oil making these products full-spectrum and the most potent. You can spot products created by this process when they are referred to as full-spectrum.

Nano-technology water-soluble CBD (process stalks, leaves, flowers).
There are only three companies that we know of who use state-of-the-art nano-technology to produce water-soluble hemp cbd products and we sell all three brands because they offer solutions that no one else has (Elixinol, BioCBD+, CBD Biologix). The water-soluble product is absorbed into your system faster and you absorb more of it than an oil based oral spray or drops when placed under your tongue, allowing a 250mg product to produce the equivalent potency of a 2500mg oil based product. Everybody’s body is different and some people will respond best to a water-soluble product and you just have to try it to see if you’re one of them.

Alcohol Extraction (process stalks, leaves, flowers)
Tinctures (high potency) are produced through alcohol extraction and the resulting liquid concentrate is used by placing drops under the tongue; the tincture is then absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This process heats up the plant matter and destroys most of the Cannabinoids and terpenes in the process, which is why tinctures are not as potent as CO2 processed CBD oil.

Cold Press (seeds)
Hemp oil (No CBD) is cold-pressed and is void of any vitamins or antioxidants, however, the nutritional value of unrefined cold-pressed hemp oil is enormous. It contains a 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 essential fatty acids, essential for our cellular health. Hemp oil is used in many CBD products to thin out the mixture and make it easier to use.

Types of Products, Most Effective Delivery Method, and Ease of Use
Please take a minute to study this section as I lay out the types of products, most effective delivery methods, and ease of use that can be applied to any product from any brand.

  • Group One (easiest)
    Edibles - Low potency due to going through the digestive track
    Powders - Low potency due to going through the digestive track
    Topical - Low potency but can be effective in a proper base material
  • Group Two (easy)
    Capsules - Medium potency due to going through the digestive track
    Extract - high potency; some absorbed under tongue; some digestive tract
    Oral Spray - high potency; some absorbed under tongue; some digestive tract
    Tincture - high potency; some absorbed under tongue; some digestive tract
  • Group Three (mid-level)
    eLiquid Vape – highest potency; Requires a vaporizer and CBD eLiquid; absorbed through lung membranes into the bloodstream
    Group Four (Alternate Method)
    Suppositories – Manufacturer claims most effective way to administer CBD

Potency, Potency, Potency!
Now let’s talk about the other factors that impact potency and then we’ll end with some charts that lay out the highest potency to lowest potency products, plus the medical conditions that are reported in research to be relieved by CBD.

Potency is a combination of choosing high CBD strain plants, the proper cultivation of plants without pesticides or heavy metal pollution, use of the CO2 supercritical extraction method resulting in full-spectrum CBD oil containing multiple cannabinoids and terpenes, and delivered by the most efficient delivery method. Consequently, we have our hands full trying to choose the best product for our personal needs.

Let’s Look at Extremes

  • Highest Potency: If you have a medical condition identified as potentially being helped by taking hemp CBD, you can’t go wrong choosing the highest strength full-spectrum (CO2) CBD product you can find in an extract (50mg/ml-450mg/ml) or eLiquid Vape product (50mg/ml-500mg/ml). Also, don’t forget to take a hard look at the water-soluble products that can match the potency (83mg/ml equivalent) in this category and offer an alternative to the oil based products.
  • Mid-level Potency: If you use CBD to relax and enjoy life a little more, your options can run more in the general choice of products and type of use and flavors might be more important.

And there are some people who love the purest CBD oils with no other Cannabinoids or terpenes in them.

Ailments Relieved by use of the Hemp CBD Cannabinoid
The following guide is based on research done by thousands of medical institutes and laboratories, and is a summary of what Cannabinoids are reported to help certain conditions.

Awesome Sleep AideX
Helps Control Seizures and ConvulsionsXX
Helps Control InflammationXXXXXX
Relieves AnxietyX
Impacts Cell Growth in Tumors & Cancer CellsXXXXX
Reduces Effects of PsychosisX
Boosts Effectiveness of the Immune SystemX
Protects Against Nervous System DegenerationX
Treats PsoriasisX
Reduces Blood Sugar LevelsX
Kills or Slows Bacteria GrowthXXX
Enables Healthy Bone GrowthXXXX
Suppresses Muscle SpasmsXXXX
Relieves PainXXXXX
Stimulates AppetiteX

You can find 100’s of medical study links on our website that support the summary found in this chart along with an extensive list of medical conditions not listed in the chart:
Articles by condition: https://hempoilfactory.com/hemp-cbd-blog/
List by ailments: https://hempoilfactory.com/cbd-medical-studies/cbd-medical-studies/

Hemp Oil Factory CBD Products Ranked Highest to Lowest Potency
Here’s a list of our products from highest potency to lowest potency. Please keep in mind that the Hemp Oil factory carries premium products and our lowest and mid-level potencies are much higher than most other websites offering hemp CBD products.

The Hemp Oil Factory is now the leading website globally with a collection of the highest potency Hemp CBD products anywhere in the World:
Pure Science Lab: Hemp Oil Extract 450mg/ml CBD with 125mg CBDa, CBC, CBG
Pure Science Lab: Hemp Oil Extract 167mg/ml CBD with 138mg CBDa, CBC, CBG
Pure Science Lab: Hemp Oil Capsules 100mg/Cap with 85mg CBDa, CBC, CBG
Hemp Hookahzz: Hemp Vape Oil 500mg/ml Pure CBD
These Top 10 Brands are available on our website for purchase.

CBD Selection Guide

In the above chart, products found in the “Full-Spectrum Products” category have the potential to relieve more severe medical conditions, because they all have different combinations of CBD and other Cannabinoids and Terpenes. The combinations of these compounds are what results in the affects you get from taking them.

In other words, you might find that Bluebird Botanicals Signature Blend with 8mg/ml of CBD (+Cannabinoids & Terpenes) provides you with a better experience than Endoca Hemp Oil with 150mg/ml (+Cannabinoids & Terpenes), or you might find the opposite is true. So, don’t be afraid to try any of the full-spectrum, pure CBD, or capsules listed above until you find the one that’s best for you.

Now you know based on the severity of your medical condition or total health wellness desires, where you might start choosing products to try; and you should have a good idea if CBD products will help your medical condition and/or overall health. It’s normal that a person try several products before they find the one that works best for them, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little with your choices. Just try different ones each time until you find the one that maximizes your results.

What to Look for During Your Product Selection (Simplified).

  • #1 Highest CBD mg/ml mg/g mg/oz (30ml=1oz)
    The number one key to getting the highest potency product is the higher the CBD content is, then the higher the potency; full-spectrum products are always higher potency than CBD oil only products (not full spectrum) if the CBD strength is about the same.
  • #2 Full-spectrum or CO2 Extraction or Terpenes
    Any one of these terms in a product description means the product is full-spectrum and contains multiple cannabinoids and terpenes for the full entourage effect; placing that product in the highest potency category.
  • #3 Ease of Use, Dosage, 3rd Party Report (if they have one)
    Personal preference, follow the product guidelines, verify if you can. Each product recommends a different dosage and Hemp CBD is totally safe!

I hope you’ve found this information helpful and will let it guide you through your future purchases. Obviously, we hope you make the Hemp Oil Factory your home and let us serve you for years to come!

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