How the Most Advanced CBD Nutraceutical Products are Made

Receptra Naturals


We are extremely proud to announce a partnership with Receptra Naturals, who we believe produce the most effective CBD products on the planet:

• Raw Material: Hemp Plant Flower Tops with heavy Trichomes
• Lab Process: Ethanol Cold Extraction producing Complete-Spectrum Oil
• They add Turmeric and Arnica Oil to their products
• Only 5%-10% of all CBD companies use these Best-Practice techniques

That’s the Trifecta for premium CBD products and puts them squarely at the top of this industry. That’s why they are considered the CBD product provider for the NFL, NHL, and MMA and are recognized and recommended by top athletes everywhere.


How Receptra Products are 2X higher Potency than Full-Spectrum Products

The Raw Material
Somewhere around 90% of the worlds hemp plants come from Europe and are composed of stalks, leaves, seeds, but very little flower. The lack of flower tops is because of how the plants need to be cultivated. You may already know that marijuana plants are cultivated to produce massive flowers (buds), because the flowers are where the Trichomes are and they produce the resin that has the highest potency oils.

A few top companies in the USA grow their hemp in Colorado and breed them to produce massive flowers (buds) with heavy amounts of Trichomes. 90% of the companies who manufacture hemp CBD products use the stalks, leaves and seeds, but these rare companies go the extra mile and use ONLY the flowers for raw material.

Key #1: The best raw material is flower tops (buds) with high concentrations of Trichomes

Processing the Plant Material
CO2 Super Critical Extraction: The main process used today is called CO2 Super Critical Extraction and results in an oil people refer to as Full-Spectrum. This is a heated process that produces CBD and maintains trace amounts of other Cannabinoids and terpenes, which people refer to as having the Entourage Effect. This simply indicates that the combination of CBD and other Cannabinoids and terpenes, is more effective in producing results than just having CBD by itself. This process does break apart the molecular bonds between the Cannabinoids and terpenes during the process, but they are still present in the final product (oil). Full-spectrum products make up about 90% of all CBD products for sale.

Ethanol Extraction Process: The highest efficacy (effective potency) products are manufactured using a cold Ethanol process. Its more difficult, takes longer, and costs more to do. The molecular bonds are not broken between the Cannabinoids and terpenes during this process, and because of the this the resulting oils are referred to as Complete-Spectrum products. The results are CBD oils that are 2X more potent than full-spectrum products.

Key #2: The Ethanol Extraction Process produces CBD oils 2X more potent than full-spectrum

Enhanced for Specific Results
The majority of Hemp tinctures consist of hemp seed oil or MCT oil or sometimes a few other oils mixed with the CBD oil from processing the plant material. They don’t add anything to the effectiveness of the product.

A few top companies do research and find ways to enhance the results of the products they manufacture. Adding Turmeric or Arnica Oil to a CBD product would be an example. These two compounds are well known for their anti-inflammatory and healing abilities and when coupled with CBD, they produce an even better result.

Key #3: Adding compounds like Turmeric or Arnica Oil to a CBD product enhances results

If you've been wondering if CBD works, if it would work for you, if what you're already using is actually doing something, or you need a more effective product; please buy one of the Receptra Naturals products today. All your questions will be answered and you will be amazed!

How the Most Advanced CBD Nutraceutical Products are Made


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